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GoDaddy CRL Issues?

Running R80.30, and looking at my Logs to make sure rules are working correctly. I sorted by destination = my WAN IP for last 7 days.

In the Top Sources, I saw that a ton (33%) are from one IP: They are all drops due to First packet isn't SYN. TCP Flags RST. resolves to

After some more research, that IP also resolves to

Looked at my Logs for destination = and several times every minute, my Firewall (source = my WAN IP) is contacting on http via Implied Rule 0.

I do have HTTPS Inspection enabled.

Is my Firewall trying to check the GoDaddy CRL and failing?

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It may be a good idea to do a packet capture with tcpdump or the tool of your preference in order to see what is happening under the hood: Is the initial handshake finished? Is it failing at the TLS Handshake? How much time does the responses take? Are there tons of retransmissions from one side?

Hope it helps
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