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Gaia R80.10 CPUSE Upgrade for Jumbo Hotfix

Check Point Security Appliance 5100

Anyone can explain.

-Regarding about Gaia R80.10 Check Point Jumbo Hotfix Upgrade maximum time, how long will take

-Currently, we are running 2 CP Device and Clustering. If I set Secondary Device to Auto Update on today and next day set primary to auto date. What is the impact

- What is the risk of doing Jumbo Hotfix upgrade? 

- Manually upgrade can we do on Secondary Device first? Is there any impact on Primary and Clustering.  Do we need to rebuild the cluster? 

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Using CPUSE is a breeze. Just update standby/secondary first, fail over and repeat the update on other firewall. Nothing to rebuild and should be zero impact



- Impossible to determine hotfix upgrade time. It depends the each HF. Some HF must to do reboot, Some HF isn't required to do reboot.

- If I were you, I'll never use the Auto-Update. I prefer update manually method and update Secondary gateway first then after update Primary member. I think it is Best Practice

- HF is the fixing errors and improving the system. But should thoughtfully while do install HF. Do only recommended HF. /Once up time, our customer installed Clean Install Image from CPUSE/

- No affection on your network. Maybe 1 or 2 second spend to handle your standby appliance.

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Thanks for providing the answer. I am planning to do for one of my customers that why I want to know about Auto-Update. Two Devices Secondary do upgrade on today night and verify on the morning then next day night time do again primary device. So future I don't need to go down to customer place for each update.

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