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Frequent disconnection of smart console for Checkpoint Management

The smart console dashboard crashes frequently and then we are unable to reconnect for a long time. We get an operation timed out error.

We are unable to login to the management console and therefore are unable to manage the firewall.

 We are facing this issue on 7 different systems

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What version/JHF level?
Have you loaded the latest SmartConsole version based on the above?
What version of Windows is being used?
What activities are you trying to perform when the crash happens and what precise errors do you get when doing so?

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Assuming that the network connectivity is stable and working properly between the SmartConsole and SMS, it sounds like a possible crash of the cpm and/or fwm processes on your SMS.  Run cpwd_admin list on your SMS's, do you see a restart time for cpm/fwm that correlates to when the SmartConsole crash and lack of access occurs?  If these processes are crashing, it normally takes about 5-10 minutes for them to reinitialize before you'll be able to successfully log back in to the SmartConsole.

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