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External Monitoring system

How are people monitoring their infrastructure and gateways today?

Our infrastructure has a good mix of cloudguard, appliances and open servers. The biggest clusters being VSLS VSX on Open Server.

We're looking to get a monitoring system to monitor and correlate events over all over firewalls, including the bare metal the open server is running on, cisco switches and routers etc.

Zenoss just presented their system, which on paper looks very good. But does anyone have experience monitoring Check Point with it?

In particular VSX VSLS Open Server clusters with more then two nodes? (So you have Active/Standby/Backup state, where some monitoring systems present the backup nodes as down.)


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Re: External Monitoring system



we are monitoring our infrastructure with checkmk.


there are a lot of plugins for checkpoint, like HA / Patterns for URL,AV / IA and so on. 





Re: External Monitoring system

Hi Sigbjorn,

What was the final verdict on your evaluation with Zenoss? Are you still exploring Check Point infrastructure monitoring technologies?

- Ryan

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