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Enterprise Testing Conditions

It's about the new Appliance Comparison Chart and the change from Real Wold Conditions.

Is there a page or resource for more info on that?

I used to use this page to help describe testing but would like to have the most up to date testing info from Check Point. 



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Re: Enterprise Testing Conditions

I second that.

Re: Enterprise Testing Conditions

Just for completeness, below are the relevant links and screenshots.

It would be good to have an official statement explaining the changes but also it is interesting to note that the SPU/SecurityPower does not appear in the latest chart for all but the Scalable Platforms (44k and 64k) and the 1400 series appliances.

Current Appliance Comparison Chart: 

Current Appliance Brochure: 

OLD (dated October 24, 2017):

NEW (found online today (19 Dec. 2018)):

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Re: Enterprise Testing Conditions

Some more info that I have found today:

Check Point Real World Performance Testing | White Paper 

That is/was from here:

Enterprise Network Security | Check Point Software 

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Re: Enterprise Testing Conditions

In current customer environments, we were seeing higher levels of performance than SPU testing would indicate.

To realign our stated performance numbers with reality, the Enterprise blend was developed.

It is also "real world" but a different blend from SPU. 

More details here: 

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