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End-of-Support policy updates for R80.10 software version

We are happy to announce the extension of support for R80.10 software release.

Planning upgrade takes time and effort especially for large enterprises, we’ve listened to you and your request to allow more time to better prepare for the meaningful software upgrade. As organizations get back to normal following COVID-19 we would like to provide a smooth and well planned transition period to maintain business continuity under those uncertain circumstances.


The support period for our R80.10 software version (released May 2017) is extended from May 31st, 2021 to January 31st, 2022


This extension applies to the following:

  • Quantum Security Management
  • Quantum Security Gateways



This would also present a good opportunity to start planning your future upgrade to R81.


R81 provides these key benefits:


  • Highest levels of security with autonomous threat prevention: R81 has the industry’s first autonomous Threat Prevention system, which eliminates labor-intensive manual threat classification and updates. All gateways update automatically by AI-based threat prevention for complete protection against zero-day threats. R81’s new Infinity threat prevention policy enables security teams to implement in a single click, security best practices that then continuously update automatically.
  • Rapid response to changing security needs with fastest policy installation: Reducing policy installation time by up to 90%, from minutes to seconds. Moreover, security admins can upgrade hundreds of remote gateways to the new release in a click of a button.
  • Automatic performance tuning: R81 uses dynamic allocation of gateway resources across the enterprise to deliver automatically the best hardware performance and security.


  • Optimal security for encrypted network traffic (SSL): R81 utilizes the latest standards for secure connectivity including TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2, and ensures threats cannot hide in encrypted traffic. A dedicated policy layer allows the admin to control easily the decision to inspect or bypass network traffic.


Please refer to our support service life cycle policy for more details.


I encourage you to contact Account Services for any questions you may have.

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It should be noted there are exceptions to the above related to CloudGuard Network Security Gateways:

  • CloudGuard Network Security Gateways              31/5/2021
  • CloudGuard Network Security Management       31/5/2021
  • CloudGuard Network VMware for NSX-V             31/1/2022
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Can you clarify that distinction, it sounds like support was only extended for CloudGuard Network VMware for NSX-V, all other flavors of R80.10 are end of support May 31 2021.  See also the footnote on R80.10 at , but see also sk111841.

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Hi Carl,

End-of-Support is 31.5.21 for all CloudGuard solutions, excluding CloudGuard Network for VMware NSX-V that their End-of-Support was extended to 31.1.22.




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To further explain 

CloudGuard versions R80.40 are part of main train with regular jumbo and modern Linux. As CloudGuard runs on Cloud environments, continuing to use R80.10 with the older Linux kernel and not having all the fixes is highly discouraged (in the cloud there are changes around us where as on appliance, what works continue to work).  Therefore, while we extended support on Quantum, we believe that continuing to use R80.10 for CloudGuard is a mistake 

Still, CloudGuard Network for VMware NSX-V is a special version. The  migration involve elements from VMWare and new VMWare mode etc and so we have extended its support to enable longer transition. 


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