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Domain resolving error. Check DNS configuration on the gateway (0) - bug in R80.40?

sk120558 does not apply - just FYI


problem is as self-explained by the screenshot. please have a look.

it is all fresh R80.40 all-in-one dual-stack infrastructure.

error is just an ALERT not BLOCK/DROP/DENY - just so you know 🙂


see the screen and tell me if you find any clues as I'm struggling to find any


1. DNS resolution works on v4 /both = fwd/rev

2. DNS resolution works on v6 /rev only! wonder why ...

ps. resolution from the gateway nslookup'ing or dig'ing - dig resolves ALL - nslookup resolves v6 only REV not FWD queries!


I think I found the bug chaps! see my screenshot.



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