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Did anyone install "Dynatrace agent" on CheckPoint GW?


did anyone installed the "Dynatrace Agent" on a CheckPoint Firewall Gateway? Dynatrace is a Monitoring solution and it Looks like our Company wants to use it to Monitor our Servers and so on. But installing an Agent on a Firewall Gateway is not an easy Task.

So if someone has any experience please let me know.


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They are not in any of the partner listings, and looking at their page, you would be installing a java program. This would not be supported, and I would be very hesitant to install it.

Aka, Chillyjim
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Gaia is a hardened, purpose-built operating system.

In general, the installation and usage of third-party software on Gaia is not supported.

We provide SNMP that third party applications can use for monitoring.

Our Technology Partners may use other APIs for monitoring as well.



I totally agree with Jim and Dameon - installing some 3rd party software client may cause serious pain.

I also had a short look at the site of Dynatrace. I don´t think, that you´ll have that much to monitor for the firewall. Even the "Network Monitoring" part is focussed on Web Application/Containers.

The only thing i can think of, the checkpoint might be interesting are the logs, which I assume may be OK, when sent via syslog (maybe LEA is accepted too).

Even looking for "Firewall" here Community Forums | Dynatrace Answers  only comes up with things like "which ports to open" and so...


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Hi everyone,

I totally agree with you all. I just wanted to make sure that I did not miss a thing or perhaps someone else provides information about other products they are using to Monitor the Firewall except SNMP.


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For Devices like Checkpoint, you can use SNMP which Dynatrace can take in. This is a customized setup, and will consume what is called "Custom Metrics" licenses in Dynatrace.  The other way is to make use of the API, and if there is no plugin for your particular device, get your Dynatrace Vendor to write you one (or they can ask Dynatrace PS to do it). For some devices, like F5 BigIP, there are Active Gate extensions readily available. More: 

In short: No, there is no way to install OneAgent on Checkpoint devices, but there are several ways to still get the data of those devices into Dynatrace.

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