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Dhcp Relay

Hey all

I would like how all of you is handling dhcp relay configuration nowadays (management r80.10 gateway r77.30 or full r80.10 env) , we found a stable configuration in r77.30 without using the new service for the dhcp aka legacy dhcp relay configuration.

As we moving towards r80.10 I would like to know if someone got some on field experience with that configuration.

Thanks all

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Re: Dhcp Relay

I can just tell that dhcp relay works fine using new service. We don't use legacy. 

OK sorry for this is not a constructive reply Smiley Happy

and now to something completely different
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Re: Dhcp Relay

nah it's fine you just follow the instruction on the sk? have you tried with gaia embedeed appliance tto?

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Re: Dhcp Relay

yes, the sk explains that well. and no, not yet needed to configure that on gaia embedded

and now to something completely different
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Re: Dhcp Relay

I would suggest sk97642 Troubleshooting DHCP Relay Issues for help. A short step-by-step guide to check/configure DHCP relay on R77 and up:

1. Each BOOTP primary address should be the VIP of the interface and point to the DHCP server(s)

2. On the DHCP server(s) should be a route back to the served network

3. Kernel parameter fwx_dhcp_relay_nat should be set to 1 on both cluster members (checked)

4. On management machine, in the file "table.def" of the RELEVANT GATEWAY VERSION - search the parameters "no_fold_services_ports” and “no_hide_services_ports” and make sure <67,17> and <68,17> do not exist in those lines (delete them).

5. Disconnect all GUI clients from management, then through GuiDBedit search under "network objects" for “perform_cluster” and make sure the parameters “perform_cluster_fold” and “perform_cluster_hide_fold” are set to “true”

6. Install policy

7. Perform the following procedure to add a new NAT rule above the NO NAT rule for the internal networks:

Create new/check objects with the following IP addresses:

    Group with both DHCP servers
    VIP of the relayed network
    Internal network to be relayed

Then add a new manual NAT rule of the following:

Original packet:

    Source: Relayed Network
    Destination: DHCP servers
    Port: bootp(67)

Translated packet:

    Source: VIP of relayed network
    Destination: Original
    Port: Original

Re: Dhcp Relay

thanks god despite multiple dhcp relay configurations that are actually working  I never had to go through this , but thanks anyway

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