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Detected 12400 auto swing between HA pair

Hi all, my company have a pair of 12400 FW which will auto swing between each other occasionally. What could be the common causes factor for this situation? For any kind advice. Thank you 

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Have a look at the logs and command outputs to determine the actual reason.

I would normally start with cphaprob stat and then progress to cphaprob list and cphaprob -a if commands if there was a problem.

Could really be a number of things depending on what you see, interface flap or missing CCP traffic etc

Refer also sk56202





The reason for a failover is logged by default, you can find these logs easily by using a type:Control filter in the SmartConsole logs, make sure the C is uppercase.

Depending on your version the show cluster failover clish command may be available to provide this information as well, if it isn't available try show routed cluster-state detailed.

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