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Creating a Checkpoint Lab in vSphere - Can't get sync interface to work


So I'm trying to create a lab environment in vSphere, it's mostly gone well but I can't seem to get them to sync.

I have a VSX Cluster, sync interface was setup on both members using:


The interface shows as up but sync status shows the interface as down *See pictures*


Am I missing something silly?




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show the output from: 

  • cphaprob stat
  • vsx state -v

Most probably connectivity. Check you can ping from VS0 on sync network, verify you did push policy to VS0, and it does allow sync communications.

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Thanks Val,

I can ping both & successfully on VS0 and I did push a policy (currently set to allow everything).

Weirdly the logs show as multiple interfaces down, on the gateways and & servers tab it look fine.

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It's not relevant to your issue, but and are public addresses which somebody other than you owns. You should not use those for your sync interfaces.

What are the settings on the switch for your sync network in VMware?

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Code version?  CCP may be running in multicast mode which is not being forwarded correctly between the members by VSphere.  In R80.30 Gaia 3.10 and later, CCP mode should be auto and select unicast.  Please provide output of cphaprob -a if

Also in older code versions (R80.30 with Gaia 2.6.18 and earlier I think, but I'm not 100% sure about that) the cluster members must be able to see at least one other responding IP address on an interface presenting a Cluster IP, or the interface will be marked down even if it is physically working fine (pings succeed between the cluster members).  See Solution 3 here:


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