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Context Aware Detection (CADET) Is now in production!





We are pleased to announce the release of Threat Emulation Engine Update 7 which features CADET (Context-Aware Detection and Elimination of Threats) -

our newest AI-based technology.

CADET harnesses Check Point’s unique visibility into all parts of the traffic in order to offer precise context-informed decisions.

We are currently utilizing the CADET technology to address one of the most complex threat prevention challenges: accurately identifying unknown malicious executables.

By utilizing AI-based machine learning, CADET evaluates the entire session context rather than a specific file or link: Did it come through email or as a web download? Who is the sender? When was his domain registered? By Whom? And so forth.

We extract thousands of parameters from the inspected element and from the transaction context, and using the CADET AI engine, we are able to reach a single accurate verdict.

The CADET technology significantly increases our detection rate, while at the same time dramatically lowering false positives.

This new innovative AI engine is part of our ongoing focus on delivering the best threat prevention in the industry.

Learn more:

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  • Note: CADET is working in production on our SandBlast Emulation Cloud environment. It will be released to SandBlast TE appliances in coming weeks.
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