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ClusterXL Cluster IDs (R77.30)

ClusterXL Cluster IDs.(R77.30)

We have two HA clusters that share the same VLAN.. The cluster IDs are 74 for one cluster and 174 for the other.

I'm told the switch shows identical MACs for each cluster VIP. How does the cluster ID determine the MAC address? 

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Check sk25977

and now to something completely different

If your Cluster IDs are different you should get different MAC addresses beetween the clusters.

The MACs on different VLANs or network interfaces for the VIPs on one Cluster are identically, this is normally no problem.

As mentioned from Vincent in the guide you can check the MACs for the VIPs.




You can found more informations here:

R80.30 cheat sheet - ClusterXL



you need to read this one first I presume?


you have got a typical HA Active/Passive environment I guess so really there are multiply ways of achieving your goal. see above SK and find out how your cphaprob -a if looks like on both and whether the MAC's (VMAC's) actually match completely. Also worth noting is that you really need this set:

fw ctl set int fwha_vmac_global_param_enabled VALUE


also MAC MAGIC would be useful as well as how the CCP works with HA depends very much of how many SYNC interfaces are involved in a Cluster.

I guess answer to your question

"How does the cluster ID determine the MAC address?"

is within Heiko's post 🙂

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