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Clean install for endpoint management

hi All,

we were trying to install endpoint management on VM (ESXI server 6) - I can see 2 images for clean installation 

which one i need to use 




if install this image Check_Point_R77.30_T204_Install_and_Upgrade.Gaia.iso  on VM its throwing error during initial configuration as Hard drive not detected. 

is there any compatible issue with VM (Exsi 6 ) with ssd drive or let me know which image i need to use for endpoint management installation in VM

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Re: Clean install for endpoint management

There have been a number of R77.30 ISOs released. 

Refer to the following SK: List of R77.30 Gaia OS build numbers and kernel versions per released image

The T204 one is the original GA ISO.

I would personally try one of two: