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Checkpoint OpenServer Monitoring

I may just be over-complicating this in my head....

We have been given 2 x Checkpoint OpenServer FW's to manage and monitor. Our tool of choice for monitoring is Solarwinds and the physical hardware that the OS is running on is to be a Dell server.

When I SNMP scan the checkpoint it presents me with various options such as number of Ethernet ports, etc. There is no mention of anything Dell in teh info I get back .... We also get the benefit of the enviromental monitoring from Solarwinds so fans, PSU's voltage spikes, etc but do the hardware side of these (ie the Dell) correlate directly to the software view (ie the Checkpoint) of these?

In other words, if I phone CP for support and they tell me Eth0 is faulty  what do I then contact Dell with?

How are you monioring the two sides of these devices? Are you using Dells integrated 'lights out' or some other method or am I just over-inflating the issue in my head?

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You can monitor both HW and Check Point (two workds :-)) functionality at your open server.

I suggest you start here:


There are some references to further reading materials there. 

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