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Checkpoint 5400 IPSec VPN problem

I am new to checkpoint and tried to setup a VPN with remote site with another brand of firewall.

Site A (Local): Checkpoint 5400


Site B (Remote): Sonicewall NSA 5600


VPN established and i saw 2 tunnels in both firewalls

Subnet: and are ok. ping, access servers of both sizes are ok

but subnet: and not ok. tracert also shows the traffic not going thou. the vpn.

Checked policy are ok.

What am i missing to make it work ? Any help or additional config. information needed is welcome. 


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Re: Checkpoint 5400 IPSec VPN problem

I would start by checking / fixing the subnet for the network as it doesn't appear correct

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Re: Checkpoint 5400 IPSec VPN problem ?
Network:        11000000.1010 0000.00000000.00000000 (Class C)
Broadcast:       11000000.1010 1111.11111111.11111111
HostMin:           11000000.1010 0000.00000000.00000001

This mixes up private and public networks. Please check first that you haven't done any typing mistakes.

Afterwards check what SmartLog is showing.

Re: Checkpoint 5400 IPSec VPN problem

Do you have a (local) route to in your interior that directs that traffic to the Checkpoint? If not, that could be the problem. One way to do this is to put a static route on the Checkpoint saying that 192.168 is via the external interface, then redistribute this into OSPF or whatever IGP you use internally.

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