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CheckPoint R65 UTM-1 directory paths and backups

Hello there,

We have a R65 in of our remote sites. We are in process of migrating to newer version hence I am trying to take "upgrade_export" backup along with "show configuration". When I login to this Firewall, it takes me directly to "CP#" mode which I believe is in Expert mode since it has # symbol (correct me if I am wrong) but when I attempt to issue "cd" command, it doesn't recognize as I want to be able to go to /var and /opt so I can run the ./export command to issue the backup and view. I have been searching online for this solution but have been unsuccessful doing so. Within this CP# mode, I am able to issue "backup" command but doesn't tell where it is stored. Although, it stores in /var/log, I cannot view because can't "cd" command is not recognized. 

Next, I wanted to go to clish mode so I can issue "show configuration" command but it doesn't recognize clish mode. It displays "Unknown command "clish"". 

Can someone please provide input to these? Thank you.

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In NGX (R65) you are most likely logged in into the UserMode (admin) of SecurePlatform (SPLAT). This would explain why neither 'cd' nor' 'show configuration' nor 'clish' is working, while 'backup' can be run. Just enter the SystemMode (expert) with the command: expert

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Exactly what Danny noticed, R65 sounds SecurePlatform to me as well. But since you noticed the "#" in the shell, I would also say that you're not in the user mode (cpshell) but rather in a different shell. Do you have access to the webinterface maybe? Can you add another user there and see if you can go to expert mode from this one? 

Another thing I noticed, is that you mention upgrade_export. Is this remote location configured as standalone or distributed (centrally managed)?  I'm asking this because it's not possible to use the upgrade_export on a FW node without management installed. This tool makes an export of the management database. 

Also "show configuration" is a GAIA command and can't be used in SecurePlatform, as far as I remember. 

Just a wild guess; is this one running on a nokia box maybe? 


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You need to type in expert, you are in something called "cpshell". If it is not a management, upgrade_export has no point. you can use backup and restore commands to keep it backed up. Look for SPLAT Admin Guide and SPLAT CLI Reference Guide for more info

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As this looks like a Gateway-Only on SPLAT, it would be the most easy way to enter SPLAT WebGUI, note the IF and routing information and do a completly new install. For SecurePlatform / SPLAT commands, the last available guide is available here R70 SecurePlatform / SecurePlatform Pro Administration Guide.

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