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CheckMates Fest 2022 and R81.20 Preview: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Video and slides are below.

What version is stable and recommended for all deployments?

All supported versions are stable. We will soon formally announce R81.10 as the widely recommended release.

Is R81.10 recommended for Load Sharing upgrades also?

When something is declared Recommended, it applies to all deployments.

Will R81.20 have native support for Maestro platforms (same ISO, feature parity, bugfix alignment), or will there still be a separate SP release track?

R81 and SP are already unified, they just have a different installation image (i.e. the same hotfixes, etc). There are some differences in available features we are working to close.

Have elephant flow challenges been addressed?

We have new way of treating heavy connections in R81.20, and we are planning to give more details at CPX. If you are interested to join private EA program and test this feature in production now, please reach out to us:

Is there any new features added for checkpoint CloudGuard in new version?

All mentioned here is also relevant to CloudGuard

Any new development on GRE stability on the new version?


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