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Check Point Remote Access VPN vs AutoVPN

Dear Mates

I need your help with tecnical information that could help me prove that Check Point Remote Access VPN (Endpoint Security) has better features than windows 10 autoVPN.

The reason I am asking this question is because I need to support my presentation to the CEO is to why we do not really need another VPN solution solution in this particular case the AutoVPN.

I would really appreciate if you could share your experience with any of this product or if you could refer me to some interesting doucmentation.

Thanks in advance.

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While I do not like to advocate one solution over the other in general, in this case, simply compare the requirements of the Windows 10 VPN to those of Check Point.

It does require installation of RAS, RADIUS and reliance on the corporate PKI, which your company may or may not have in place already.

With Check Point VPN offering, provided that you are not talking about SSL VPN, all you really need is the IA integration. This could be achieved either via AD query, which does not require any additional servers, or the Identity Collector, which does.

You are able to implement rules for mobile access that use Access Roles based on AD groups in Check Point.

Your primary advantage is the ability to inspect the traffic once VPN users are connected to CP cluster.

Using 3rd party solutions, you are blind to the content that is being pumped through it and will not be able to subject it nor to application controls, nor the Threat Prevention.




Vladimir is correct. Best would be, to create a list with requirements, pros and cons for Auto VPN and a couple of Remote Access Solutions. Including things like "logging, possibility to control traffic, the user store, settings to be able to enforce to clients,possible authentication methods, used protocols and so on"

Based on your requirements for such connections (external users, only specific group, limited access from remote and so on) you then should be able to compare the solutions in questions better.