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Check Point PRO Support TechTalk: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Q&A from the session below the video.


What the Turn-Around time on CP Pro Services noticing a problem worthy of opening a ticket for, and actually opening a ticket?

Our reports run daily and most tickets will open within 24 hours. Critical crashes will open SRs within 15 minutes.

How we can convince customers to allow access from customer from outside? Especially FSI customer may worried and skeptical bout giving access to external 24/7?

Check Point PRO is fully compliant with GDPR and does not upload data that contains private or sensitive information. The uploaded data is packaged, encrypted and transported over SSL to Check Point User Center. No changes to the appliance are being made under Check Point’s PRO support service. Check Point’s PRO support service automatically updates the data collection agent and this does not interfere with the appliance’s operation or connectivity. Reach out to the PRO Support team for more details.

What's the differences between the Compliance Blade reporting, SmartEvent, and the CP Pro Services, as it looks to me like both pick out a lot of the same sort of more important issues?

As part of PRO Support offering, we actually leverage data from Compliance Blade and SmartEvent in addition to other indicators from Security Management and Gateways. PRO adds remediation and workflow automation that are not available in Compliance Blade and SmartEvent.

Where do we configure getting the reporting e-mailed to us on a regular periodic basis (multiple addresses & Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc), so we do not have to log-in to get the information every day/week/month, etc?

This is done via the PRO team Customer Success Managers. Contact the PRO Support team and we can configure daily/weekly/monthly emails in PDF, Excel, or JSON format.

Any licenses required for PRO? Any trial version available for customers?

Yes, Check Point PRO offers a 3 month evaluation period for customers. It doesn't require any on premise installation or license to function. You will need to configure the devices to share non-private data with Check Point, set the PRO contact for those automatic and preemptive tickets and the service is active! You can set this up via the product evaluation site.

Can we use Check Point PRO data for appliance sizing?

While CPSizeMe is also measuring performance - And PRO has some similar indicators - The role is very different , CPSizeMe is doing a constant measurement - while PRO only collects the data once a day.

Is it part of a Diamond support agreement?

No, this is an add-on to most support packages. PRO is included for customers operating under an Infinity agreement.

If a customer has Direct Premium PRO Support will they have access to this data?

Yes, if the customer has a Premium PRO support package they will have access to the PRO report via the UserCenter > Support Services > Check Point PRO report

Is there more information on the API so the customer can make their own alerting and thresholds?

Yes, contact the PRO Support team for more details.

Will there be a future update to get the Pro Report in the same day ex: on a 12 hr interval? Or the ability to run the Pro Report ad-hoc?

It's something we're looking at for the future.

For Pro-logged tickets, are you able to assign varying priority levels automatically based on the information shared when logged? For example P1, P2 or P3? Or are Pro-logged tickets given the same priority level?

The priority is determined based on the type of issue identified already and we will reach out to the customer in a manner consistent with the priority.

Would the Pro ticket be assigned directly to our Diamond engineer or a separate owner? How do the two services work together or collaborate to improve customer experience and lead to faster resolution?

DMD customers PRO tickets are always assigned to the DMD engineer, and if they are not available than another engineers in the DMD team. The TAC team is using the PRO reports for non-PRO tickets as well to help minimize the number of file requests, and see what other items could be impacting the cause in the SR.

What happens if the issue is a badly configured system by someone without great experience? Will pro show what the config should be?

All the items we flag will provide the remediation steps we recommend, like a knowledge base article which provide the instructions suggested. You can also always leverage our TAC team for assistance with an alarm you see.

What Products Are Supported by Check Point PRO?

Check Point Management and Gateways (including SMB, VSX, Scalable Platforms, and Maestro) are supported. Monitoring of specific Endpoints is currently not supported.

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Nice training guys. thanks for hosting this