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Changing the priority of processes

This is simply a query of mine; I'm not trying to resolve a problem:

Has anybody ever had to change the priority of a process with the renice command (or setting the priority of a process with the nice command for that matter)? If so, could you share in which cases you had to use the above?

I expect people to reply to this by saying that never happens but the said commands do exist on at least R80.x versions so there has to be a reason I guess.

Thanks in advance!

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If you are asking about doing so on an SMS (where all of Check Point's security code is implemented in processes), please read my response here where you can see that process priority and I/O priority are being automatically adjusted down for log indexing/SOLR:

If you still have questions after reading that let me know.

Adjusting process priorities won't help much on a Security Gateway as the majority of Check Point's inspection code runs in the kernel which can preempt a running process at any time and could frankly care less about process priority levels.  🙂


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