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Centrally Managed Pre-R80 1400 : no AV, ABOT logs on SmartView

Hello Team,

I Manage many 1400 devices (R77.20.80) from a R80.10 SMS.

All these devices has securities blade activated and licensed (AV, ABOT, IPS, URFL...)

As recommended for Pre-R80 devices, I have created 02 Policies types on my ordered layers :

1. one for Access Control blades

2. one for Threat prevention (contains IPS and Threat prevention blades) as seen on picture.

The problem :

- From SmartView, i only see logs about Access Control and IPS ! None about Threat Prevention (AV, ABOT, ASPAM..)

PS : Logs tracking is checked on all my Firewall rules.

Please, I do need your help. Sorry about my bad english (from french speaking person)

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How are you testing this?

I'd try the test links on the top of ThreatWiki: ThreatWiki | Check Point Software 

And I definitely see logs.

Sample from testing the Anti-Bot link:

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