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Can I have a physical appliance it an HA cluster with a virtual appliance?

We would like to pair a physical 4400 with a virtual appliance in an HA pair. The physical would be the primary and the virtual the spare. The reason for DR purposes. We would constantly back up the virtual to the cloud. If and DR event were to happen, then we could hydrate the checkpoint along with the rest of the infrastructure when needed. 

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This could be done but will not be supported. You need to run VRRP as cluster method and you should make sure that all interfaces are equal at both ends, so do not use eth0 at the virtual and do not use Mgmt at the 4400 end for clustering purposes. Than you have eth1 through eth7 that can be used for clustering purposes.

Also make sure you have 2 cores on the Virtual system and that all software versions are the same.

Regards, Maarten

Thank you for your response Maarten. This is helpful for our planning.