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Can Checkpoint Cluster have different interfaces for 1 network on both members ?


I have an existing cluster running fine. Now I need to add a new network in it and for that my design team choosing Eth7 on FW-A and Eth8 on FW-B.

Can we get a cluster interface for these 2 different interface under 1 network ?

Can we have a bond interface bond3 (Eth7, Eth8) on FW-A and bond3 (Eth5, Eth8) on FW-B ?

Can we build a cluster with bond interface (bond3) on FW-A and Ethernet interface on FW-B (Eth8) ?

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It's generally considered best practice to have the same configuration on both systems.

This is noted in the ClusterXL ATRG as something that can cause unexpected failovers:

In addition, in order to avoid unexpected fail-overs due to issues with CCP packets on cluster interfaces, it is strongly recommended to pair only identical physical interfaces as cluster interfaces - even when connecting the cluster members via a switch:

• Intel 82598EB on Member_A with Intel 82598EB on Member_B
• Broadcom NeXtreme on Member_A with Broadcom NeXtreme on Member_B


Always try to avoid things like this, it is a troubleshooting nightmare. From a Bond interface perspective it will work, but again you really do not want to go this way and tell the designers this is not supported.

In R80.10 you can no longer add interface names per gateway in the cluster network configuration and it even does not seem to check the interface names anymore in cluster environments.

Regards, Maarten
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