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COVID-19 Threat List

Domaintools provides a list of more than 95000+ high-risk domains (currently) related to Covid-19.

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How to use it? sk132193. 


From Domaintools:


DomainTools is providing a free, curated list of high-risk COVID-19-related domains to support the community during the Coronavirus crisis. The list will be updated daily and available for CSV download.


How you can use the COVID-19 Threat List

  • Integrate the domains into your organization's internal or consumer-facing products to proactively alert on high risk domains
  • Identify and provide information about emerging threats to your organization or consumers to support community awareness and consumer protection
  • Aid intelligence researchers in their COVID-19-related investigations by highlighting high-risk domains
  • Track activity associated with domains on the list to observe behavior and determine objectives
  • Analyze historical logs against the domains on the COVID-19 Threat List to see if any interactions occurred (detect past compromise)
  • Create rule-driven action by integrating with in-house platforms, so that, if a domain that’s detected appears on the COVID-19 Threat List, a system can action that domain according to pre-established rules in an integrated system (e.g., Splunk, QRadar)

Technical Information

  • The COVID-19 Threat List is available for download as a gzipped text file, updated daily
  • Each row of the file is tab-delimited with the following fields:
  • domain_name, create_date, risk_score
  • The file is sorted by risk_score and create_date such that the most risky (the “99’s”) and youngest domains are at the top
  • All domains on the list have a create date of 1 Jan 2020 or newer
  • All domains on the list have a Risk Score of 70 or above


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