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Employee Alumnus

Bring the value into "Multi-Layered Security"

Howdy guys...

Still wondering about my challenge - got a couple of ideas, however still not got a final template. Yet, one of the things I've looked into is; how to plant an idea, an idea that introduce a new level of security. I don't have the final script for this either... but, as the blog-title indicates, I think that one of the lines, in the script, has to be about what value IT security brings to the business. 

Today we see threats from many vectors, and a range of different types, methods and Technics to compromise eg. a company. (perhaps this could be a topic of an upcoming blog-entry)

So, I would like to present the idea (need) of "Multi-Layered Security", when I meet new and existing clients.

That leads me back to the challenge... how do I take this and convert it into a none technical and easy understandable layout? Thirst thought in mind; maybe I could draw a history about a company and what this company needs to secure. So that's what I've done:

Lets keep it simple... Multi-layered security

First draw... I know, I'm no artist Smiley Happy 

The idea is that I'll move this drawing into an animated powerpoint presentation, that shows the different scenarios and what's need to be secured in each of them.

As you can see on the picture, I'll not be talking products in this animation - the focus is the value. With this I would like to illustrate why a company need IT security and why it needs to be a Multi-layered security solution that covers more than just one scenario. And from that the value that it would bring to the company...

You know, the idea is still evolving... I've got a template for a part of my challenge and I think it's going to be useful in the future. That said... I'm open for any suggestions and clever ideas, that can be used to help bring value to "Multi-Layered Security".

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Knowing what needs to be protected and where it resides is often the first step.

That's a conversation that can be had without discussing products Smiley Happy

Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Exactly,  thanks for your comment,  Dameon

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