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Bond Interface and Cisco Catalyst Switches

Has anyone ever built a cluster against Cisco Catalyst Switches with VSS enabled on the switches?

I'm having an issue creating a stable 802.3ad bond to these switches.  I've followed a few SK articles about rebuilding the Bond, moving cables to the same switch and rebooting. Nothing has worked so far where both firewalls as are able to use the bond interface.  They get different aggregator ids and only one firewall shows the bond as "UP".

I do have a ticket open but figured I would toss this out to the masses for some input.


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Re: Bond Interface and Cisco Catalyst Switches

I've seen this problem on 3950s, where same bonds worked fine on 4510s and on Nexus pair. Ended-up terminating bonds on those that worked. From the looks of it, it is a Cisco issue, but it was never proven conclusively.

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