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Badges and Replies, and I'm not even logged in

This weekend I began getting alerts from CheckMates Community that I've "earned a badge" and "made my first reply.

Problems with this: I'm not even logged in. Haven't been for months. My last-login date proved that.

I have 2FA turned on.

Is the CheckMates forum thing being updated, restored, maintained, refreshed, or what? Or do you guys have some sort of internal security breach occurring that bypasses 2FA and doesn't update the last-loggedin-in time?

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Not sure you noticed, but things look a little different since you were last here. That's because we're using a brand new platform for CheckMates, which we migrated to last week.

Yesterday, I made the new badges live. As activity on the previous platform was included, you may have received one or more badges after the badges were activated, even if you haven’t logged in since the change.

Rest assured, no hacks occurred here.

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