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Backup of logs and indexes

Dear All,

We have a plan to migrate Endpoint Server which is on VM from R80.40 to R81.

As per customer's requirement, we have to boot a new VM with R81 and import the configurations,database and logs & indexes backup to the new R81 VM.

Please note:In this scenario, we are not going to take VM snapshot and boot up with the new machine with R80.40 and then upgrade.

I have few queries as below,

1. While i am taking ./migrate export, will my logs and indexes will be back up or is there any parameter needs to be added in the below command?

# cd $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools

#./migrate export <filename>.tgz

2.If in case,./migrate export backup takes only database backup, how will I be able to take backup of logs and indexes using a script/commands and then import it to new R81 machine?

3. If i take backup of all the files in the below paths and import it to the same path on my new R81 machine, will that be replicated as it was before upgrade.

cd $FWDIR/log

cd $RTDIR/log_indexes

Awaiting for your suggestions.



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Not sure you can use the migrate command to go to R81.
We launched new migration tools with R80.40 and backported them to R80.20/.30 via JHF.

In any case, logs are usually not included in this.
However, they can be copied separately from $FWDIR/log.
I believe even if you preserve logs, when you upgrade to R81, only the last 24 hours of indexes will come across.
You will need to reindex the appropriate number of days of logs via: 

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