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Automate your Check Point products with a click

Check Point partners with Siemplify to create the ultimate automation solution for your Check Point products. The Siemplify SOAR platform (Security, Orchestration, Automation & Response) integrates seamlessly with the Check Point ecosystem and provides a single, unified workbench for identifying, triaging, and blocking threats. 

The solution we created addresses key struggles that all security analysts face every day:

  • Overload of manual work involved with handling incidents 
  • Jumping between disparate tools for context
  • Accurately prioritising the most critical events with speed 
  • Going through large amounts of data

You can give it a go by joining the Siemplify Community where you can access a free edition of the Siemplify platform and download the pre-defined use case built for the Check Point ecosystem.


The Malware Beaconing Use Case

The first use case we published to the community provides the required playbooks, integrations, test data and even video guides that will take you through the process of running it in simulation mode or in production.

The use case is built around a particular threat - malware beaconing traffic, but you can customize the playbook for any other types of threats as well. It uses Siemplify as a single pane of glass for Sandblast and ThreatCloud to reduce response times and drive a higher accuracy for IOC classification. 

To learn more about the use case, click here and join the community.



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Thanks, @Shaked_Tal, it is nice to see this synergy  at work

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