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Another remote access question

Like everyone else right now, trying to get my arms around RA licensing as we move folks off-prem.

On the gateway, i see 103 active users:

fw tab -t userc_users -s
localhost userc_users 137 103 110 0

But at the same time, smartview monitor shows 153 active users (image attached). 

A pretty big discrepancy.  Am i missing something?

Thanks and stay healthy.






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This has been answered a couple of times already, there is an error in the way these numbers are collected and represented in the old tool (R77.30) with a new (R80.xx) gateway.
Thsi problem will most probably not be resolved untill this has been ported to the SmartConsole Monitor part.
Regards, Maarten
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In the past days I have been working on a CLI script that can display all Secure Client license information centrally. This script creates a new command on the management server to read the Secure Client licenses. It displays all Secure Client licenses in total (sum). Furthermore, it can read out the currently used licenses on the gateway. If a connection to the gateway can be established, the following values are read out: Currently used Secure Client licenses and the maximum used Secure Client licenses.

If you execute the script via "copy and past" on the management server, a new CLI command "sclic" is created. Afterwards you can use this command to display all licenses in an overview. Please note that the execution of the new command may take a few seconds. This is a normal behaviour.

Now for following:
- Secure Client licenses
- Mobile Access Portal licenses
- SSLVPN licenses

More read here: R80.x - Mobile User License Tool - replaces "dtps lic" 

Here an example:
# sclic

Now all license parameters for Secure Client are displayed:


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