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AI and the Evolving Threat Landscape TechTalk: Video, Slides, and Q&A

The slides are now attached.
Q&A is below the video.

Is Check Point using AI technologies in their products?

Yes, we use over 40 different AI technologies in our ThreatCloud, which drives threat prevention across our platforms. Specifically on the Quantum Security Gateway, we leverage AI for our Autonomous Threat Prevention as well as some DNS Security functions in R81.20 and above.

Does Check Point currently use ChatGPT to identify malicious network traffic?

Not currently, but we are investigating the technology for various usage.

How about maintaining a simple and default internet data sharing policy for basic cyber security hygiene?

Yes, and we can help enforce this with ChatGPT specifically on Quantum Security Gateways. See:  

In your "did you create a phishing email?" example, did the ChatGPT engine not "remember" what it had done - or was it deliberately "lying"?

ChatGPT does not have any memory of past answers.

Do you think we will see ChatGPT integrated into social media?

It is a possibility.

Is Check Point working

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