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Test bandwidth/speed from Gaia

Hi, Is there any way to do a speed test from CLI to measure download and upload speed?

I usually use iperf to test download/upload speed from command line in windows/linux.

Now I need to know the bandwidth from several remote offices where I have SMB 730 firewalls. iperf is a free linux utility.

Do you think it is possible to install in the firewall or do you violate all rules if it's done? Is there any other good tool to use?



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Re: Test bandwidth/speed from Gaia

Simply use the integrated curl_cli or wget commands to test the download / upload speed to / from your remote offices.


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Re: Test bandwidth/speed from Gaia

Hi Danny,

Now I'm using Gaia Embedded so can only run wget. But it dosen't show the output in Mbps. It only show the total amount of downloaded data.

for exampel if I run: wget -O /dev/null it only show that I have downloaded 100MB, not the speed.

Maybe a limitation in wget for Gaia Embedded?

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Re: Test bandwidth/speed from Gaia

Try to use scp to copy a large file from another box.
Regards, Maarten
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