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CPUSE Deployment Agent install script

After answering the Deployment Agent Update question, i had an idea to
write a script that handles killing and starting of processes as well as the rpm
installation itself. The process (lifted from sk92449) is as follows:

- unpack the DeploymentAgent_000001xxx_1.tgz file to get the CPda-00-00.i386.rpm
- transfer CPda-00-00.i386.rpm and the script to any directory on the GAiA unit
- make executable
- call ./
- Log file daup.log now can be found in the same directory

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Re: CPUSE Deployment Agent install script

One-liner please!

It should be easy from CLI to download the latest DeploymentAgent_000001xxx_1.tgz, unpack and install the CPda-00-00.i386.rpm and restart the processes all in one line.

I would then include that line into our ccc script.

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Re: CPUSE Deployment Agent install script

There is a clish one-liner already: installer agent update 😉

But this makes you end up with:
SMS8010> installer agent update
Info: Initiating CPUSE self update...
Deployment Agent: agent is up to date

SMS8010> show installer status build
Build number: 1580 (agent build is up to date)

So to install DeploymentAgent_000001669_1.tgz today i will need to download it from sk92449.

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Re: CPUSE Deployment Agent install script

Nah, don't use CPUSE build 1669. As advised in sk149792 use build 1671 and above.

I was thinking about using

curl_cli --user USER[:PASSWORD]  Server user and password

in order to download it directly from UserCenter via CLI and proceed with the other commands to perform all required tasks in one single go.

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Re: CPUSE Deployment Agent install script

I actually find myself frequently pre-staging equipment that arrived with older CPUSE offline and do resort to looking-up the untar, rpm, processes killing and restarting procedure in my notes.

Later versions do include CPUSE update of the agent itself, so perhaps we can use a script for new agent import and installation.

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