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VSX Netflow data pr. vs


Check Point VSX Netflow pr vs is not possible today. By design you only get netflow from vs0. 

This this is problematic for us as an MSP because we need to get netflow from customer dedicated vs only and to the customers SIEM and ELK system.  This is due most because of flow licensing in SIEM, and that we don´t want to give visibility to other customers netflow data.  

Does anyone have any experience with filtering this out in tools like ELK or nfdump?  Much appreciated  if anyone want to share and discuss here 

Check Point SK for Netflow 

NetFlow support by Gaia OS  - In the sk from Check Point  you can identify which vs id the flow is coming from

Hopefully Check Point will redesign this so you can set netflow settting pr. vs 

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Re: VSX Netflow data pr. vs

Not familiar with a way to do this, but maybe someone else has.

Can see why this would be a useful feature to have.

Re: VSX Netflow data pr. vs


Does this mean that this have been implemented? do you have some more information about this that you can share? Smiley Happy 

Best regards 

Bjørn Andre Kaland 

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Re: VSX Netflow data pr. vs

That's what it appears to mean, but unfortunately I don't have details.

If it's of interest to you, I recommend getting involved in the EA.

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