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R80.30 3.10 Interface issues?

Has anyone had issues with interfaces flapping on R80.30 3.10?  I have two Intel x710 nic cards installed on an HPE G10, where the ports from one card are in bond1 and ports from the other are in bond2. I was running R80.20 3.10, where everything was functioning. I upgraded to .30 and my ports on bond2 started flapping.  I took the ports out of the bond and destroyed the PO on the switch, but the ports continue to flap. I’m hoping I’m missing something, but I’ve noticed weird things like the lacp-rate not honoring the clish setting (I set fast, but the bond shows slow), auto negotiate not honoring the clish setting (I set auto, ethtool says autoneg not supported), rx/tx ringsize not honoring the clish setting (I increased it, but ethtool still shows default) and the default multiqueue setting does not match for all ports (the working 10G ports have more CPU allocated than should be). I have a ticket open, but was curious if others have this issue.  I also installed JHF50 (ongoing take), but no dice.  I tried this on two boxes, same result. I noticed the i40e driver was upgraded when I went to .30 3.10, so I tried to use the older version from .20 3.10, but no luck. The driver seems OK based on internet searches, but Check Point documentation says the i40e driver is for 40G nics and not 10G. Maybe the driver should be the ixgbe driver, but 80.20 3.10 also used the i40e driver. Thoughts?

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Re: R80.30 3.10 Interface issues?

We needed to add

no lldp transmit

no lldp receive


on our cisco nexus switches to stop link flapping.
Will edit the post tomorrow with more info about it 🙂

Re: R80.30 3.10 Interface issues?

You are a wizard!  Adding those commands stopped the link flapping!  Do you know why 80.30 3.10 needs those commands?

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Re: R80.30 3.10 Interface issues?

If the Cisco doesn't see the LLDP it is expecting in a timely fashion (or if it is not formatted in a way the Nexus is expecting) that can cause the interface flap.  The support status of LLDP in Gaia is a bit unclear, as the first SK below says that Gaia does not support it, but the second SK (which admittedly is for Scalable Platforms) says the i40e driver sends LLDP anyway:

sk117676: Is Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) supported on Gaia?

sk135772: Advantech MAC ARP entries are created on an adjacent layer-2 device which is directly conn...


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