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Export Rulebase to CSV

How to export rulebase to CSV file  (R65) ? The sale representative recommended sk64501 .The SK clearly mentioned the solution only works for R77.X but sales eng insist the SK  will work with r55 r65 .

Please advise .

Best Regards,


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Re: Export Rulebase to CSV

I tried from Windows to run the tool for R70 on an R65 management server it gave me this error:

Enter SmartCenter Server Name (Hit 'ENTER' for 'localhost'): 192.X.X.X
Authentication Method:
[U]ser Name or [C]ertificate? U
Enter Administrator Name: admin
Enter Administrator Password:

Failed to bind to DB.
Error Reason: Versions Mismatch

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Re: Export Rulebase to CSV

I believe you can use the cp_merge utility to do this.

Not sure it exists in R65, but it can't hurt: Using cp_merge utility 

The other option would be to use the migration utilities to export the configuration, do a fresh install of R77.30 in a VM, migrate import the config, and use the tool in sk64501.

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Re: Export Rulebase to CSV

There is a tool we used to give our customers access to their rulebase in a webbased server called CPrules and it is still available for download, it is clickable and you should be able use a screen text grabbing util to move the output into excel.

Regards, Maarten