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Where is the Location Awareness information stored

In which file on the client is the location awareness topology stored?

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Should be in the "trac.config" file from memory?

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I added that to the installer msi without success.

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Ok the context is a bit clearer now.

Usually it is trac.defaults that's used in the packaging process but TAC can confirm depending on your requirements.


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The main reason for asking is, that the desktop policy is not updated when working with a machine tunnel (TAC ticket is open), so we have distribute the policy and the location with the installer.

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trac.config is added but no success again


Actually I added trac.defaults, connected and disconnected policy as well

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trac.defaults does not contain the LA networks no.



location_awareness_enabled STRING true GW_USER 1
location_awareness_wlan_networks_are_outside STRING false GW_USER 0
location_awareness_dns_suffixes_not_outside VEC_STR "internal-doman.tld" GW_USER 0
display_firewall_disable_warning_message STRING "true" GW_USER 0
display_allow_disable_firewall_menu STRING "true" GW_USER 0
location_awareness_dc_check STRING false GW_USER 0
location_awareness_cache_locations STRING false GW_USER 0
location_awareness_cache_internal_locations STRING false GW_USER 0
location_awareness_wlan_network_names_not_outside VEC_STR "WLAN1 WLAN2" GW_USER 0

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