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What does the Harmony Outlook 2013 Add-In actually do?

Hi All,

Ever since moving from our old Symantec Endpoint solution to Check Point Endpoint back in 2016 or so, one of the components that we missed having was email protection at the client level.

I noticed after upgrading recently making the jump to Endpoint E85.10 that there is now a Harmony Add-In in our Outlook 2013 desktop clients.

What does this component actually do? I don't see it doing any spam filtering or blocking of malicious emails or malicious links within emails as of yet. And I have been looking around on the Endpoint homepage and going back through the releases to see what features related to that Add-in there are..

Not sure where to find actual information as to what the capabilities of the Add-In are.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE *** The link to the R80.40 Endpoint Security Administration Guide on the Endpoint Security Homepage details per release area is dead

I searched directly in google for it and WAS able to find it however.




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This was formerly called SandBlast Agent for Browsers:

In addition to the Threat Emulation/Extraction mentioned in the above SK, it also performs:

  • URL Filtering
  • Zero Phishing
  • Password Reuse

These options are configured in the web management for Endpoint (available in R81 on-prem, or with EPMaaS).
See also:

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Thanks for the Reply!

However those links are not referring to what the subject of my post is asking. 

What does the Microsoft Office Outlook Desktop application COM Add-In that is added to Outlook (in our case Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Outlook application)

I may have answered my own question IF what I am reading is correct and the COM Add-In was only introduced as of the 85.10 endpoint client)

The only thing I could find was that this provides the email details to the forensics report for an exploit that started from the outlook.exe executable.

I guess it does not do anything else?


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That’s newer functionality for sure, and yes that sounds correct.


Threat Hunting Sensor for Outlook, some further references in E85.20 SK.



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