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VSX Failover

Hi Team ,


Can someone suggest me how to switch my VSX firewall without any downtime .I am planning to Hot fix installation on primary firewall before this I need to make my secondary firewall make active so not impact on my Business

Someone suggest me if I Use ClusterXL admin down command not use in VSX mode .I am use R80.10 version in checkpoint firewall .Thanks in advance for replay my query .

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You can use management server vsx_util vsls command when running VSLS.

clusterXL_admin works just fine on VSX, just bear in mind to do all VSes if you run VSLS

else, I normally run cpstop 🙂 

Works like a charm

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I have successfully used clusterXL_admin down in VSX. Make sure you are in the VS where you need to failover.

In Lab environment, I have also tried just taking the active physical node out of service (reboot, shutdown) and this also results in a graceful failover to backup node.

The failover works fine and all your active VS's will move to the standby node without traffic interruption.