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Employee Alumnus

VPN Latency

I ran a couple of speed tests and based on what my computer does off the VPN and what it does on the VPN is a huge difference.  I am getting about 1-2% of the speed on the VPN that I see off the VPN download, and maybe 5% of the upload speed.


While I expect VPN traffic overhead to slow things, knocking a 140Mbps download down to 1-2Mbps on average is not acceptable. I rarely see over 20Mbps while on the VPN, but at least that works.


I ran tests multiple times on the VPN and could not get download to go higher than 2Mbps and uploads were all below 1Mbps.

Latency was also high, typically 40-50 ms (versus 20 off the VPN).


I have looked at the firewall and CPU and RAM are both around 50% on the active gateway, which so far has been normal for last few weeks.


Any Ideas?

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VPN client and platform?  Gateway version?

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