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Uninstall CheckPoint Protection / Sandblast


I am using a Dell Latitude Laptop in Home Office. From time to time 

the Laptop cannot start - the harddisk cannot be found, than after a while the sandblast Login Site is shown. 

I have no credentials to login .... in my company i get no support for this, so i had to reinstall my Laptop.

Now i am not sure, if Sandblast is still installed ? 

1. How can I check, if Checkpoint Sandblast is still running ?

2. How can I unistall this programm, without any credentials to login ? 

If it is neccesary to reinstall the OS - i will do.

Thanks for support!



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If you are getting Endpoint client prompt when booting, then yes, ti is still installed. Endpoint protection and disk encryption is set in the boot loader sector of your HDD. If you re-installed without repartitioning, there is a good chance it is still there.

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