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URL Filtering versus Zero Phishing & the difference?

Some questions:

- Can someone confirm the difference between Zero Day Phishing and URL Filtering as a feature within the Harmony endpoint packages? 

- Should the old Sandblast Agent Advanced license include both Zero Day phishing and URL filtering as standard within that license? 

-Is Harmony Endpoint the name of the old Sandblast licence that does not include the feature below? 

Secure Internet Browsing:
Zero Phishing, Corporate password reuse protection, URL Filtering, Malicious site protection

- Are the newer Harmony packages Basic, Advanced and Complete a different license to the old Sandblast licenses and is a license upgrade needed to take advantage of them? 

Many thanks.




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The current Harmony packages should correspond to the previous SandBlast Agent packages.

A few years ago, we had a different solution for URL Filtering on the client that required a different SKU.
Thats why it’s not listed in the SBA package descriptions.
However, I’m fairly certain the SBA Advanced license should include the current URL Filtering implementation.

It’s possible that new functionality in the future may require switching to newer packages.
At the moment it should not be required.


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