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Silent endpoint client install using AD


I am trying to push the endpoint initial client using AD but i need the silent installation file so that client is not  hamper during the installation. Is there a way i can install the client in the silent way? Or client don't need to trigger the button during the installation.


Sagar Manandhar

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Upgrading client via command line.
1. Create a rule in the deployment for the package that will be deployed to clients “under packages for export”, this need to have specific blades per client deployment.
There are two examples I can think of
• Laptops with FDE,MEPP,AM , Firewall,VPN you need to export this full package
• Desktop with AM,MEPP you will need to export this full package
2. Put the files on an accessible network store accessible by all machines.
3.. I copied the full EPS.msi to the local machine and had to run a command prompt with admin rights and issue this command – msiexec /I “c:\tmp\eps.msi” /l*v /c:\tmp\msi.log /qn UNINST_PASSWORD=secret

You can see from above I had to pass the uninstall password for this.
4.. Once the client was upgrade it rebooted the machine we can stop the reboot with /norestart


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