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Possible bug with Tiny Agent deployment reported version

I just ran a test deployment with the Tiny Agent, after having read about its benefits.  One in particular was that it is version agnostic.  We used to use the Initial Client, and while you could get away with pushing an IC of an older release, and have a deployment rule that would push a newer version, and it would upgrade, the reverse was not true, and the deployment rule would fail.

So as a test I adding a test machine to a rule that would install 86.00.0007, and then used the web interface to download the 86.30.0145 version.  I then ran "EndpointSetup.exe /CreateMSI" to build the tiny client.

I then installed this remotely via our Altiris server, and got a window pop up almost immediately requesting the install.  So far, so good.

But when I checked in the Overview window it would appear that it was installing version E86.30.0145:


However, when the deployment had finished, it really had installed the version set in its deployment rule:


It looks like the version being reported is that of the package the Tiny Client was created from, not the version to be deployed in the deployment rule:


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