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Multiple identical Hosts, No Uninstallation possible, EPAM dont start automatically after Install

Hi Checkmates,


we have plenty of problems with our Harmony Installations.


1. We have multiple identical Hosts in the SmartEndpoint Console, the User for the AD-Sync is granted to access the Deleted Objects CN (but dont have Ownership as mentioned in sk101452). How to get rid of theres Objects? Is there any Possibilty to delete them manually?


2. Everytime we try to uninstall the Harmony Endpoint on our Clients it removes the Tray Icon and the Console, stops plenty (but not all!) Services and after a few Minutes it is completely installed again. At the moment we deploy the Harmony Endpoint Agent over our Unified Endpoint Management via MSI File. There is also a Deployment Rule in the SmartEndpoint Console active, which points on the OU where the Clients are located. What is the Best Practice Way to uninstall the Client? 

If we try to manually uninstall the Harmony Endpoint, the EPAM Service can't be stopped. 


3. Sometimes the EPAM Service doesn't start after a fresh Installation. Is there any way to start it manually or do you have to restart the Client after the first Installation?


Thank you very much in advance,

Best Regards,


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Hi, do you have TAC cases for these issues?

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