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Known error dowloading Capsule Connect?

Is there an issue downloading Capsule Connect client software both from the App Store for IOS device and Microsoft Store for Windows devices. I've been unable to download either for 5 days now and I'm getting no response from Check Point support.

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i had the same problem. I was not able to update it, i uninstall it and now i cannot install it!!! No more VPN possible.

checkpoint capsule connect 30 nov 2017 1.524.8

ipad MC705C/A   OS 9.3.5 (13G36)


uninstall the App

Hold the power button to shutdown the iPad. wait 2-3 minutes

Turn on the iPad.

download and install the checkpoint capsule connect 30 nov 2017 version 1.524.8 no change from the version of this morning

and now it work!!!!!  30 nov 2017 16:15

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Thanks Daniel. I found if I signed out of the iPad with the Apple ID and then signed it to the App Store with the same Apple ID on the same iPad while it was signed out then downloaded ok. Very Strange!

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