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Inter VPN routing

I'm working in a company where we are using a lot of S2S VPNs,

I follow some SKs but didn' found a real solution to my problem, basically :

we are routing traffic between 2 sites with VPNs  (we are the HUB:H) 


S1-H-S2  (S: Spoke)


S1 : domain based vpn

S2 : Route Based vpn

traffic from S2==>H==>S1 encrypted fwd properly on S1 vpn (no problem)

traffic from S1==>H==>S2 decrypted on H but not encrypted


try to follow sk116097 by adding dst-ip/nated ip on S2 GW doesn't help.


Anyone have an idea/experience same issues.

Thanks in advance for any help

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