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ISP redundancy and remote access


In our organization, gateways, are appliances on HA and managed by public ip address, on distributed environment.

External gateways are connected to Internet via layer 2 switches.

Remote sites have dual ISP, configured as primary/backup ISP redundancy.

PC use ipsec vpn on office mode.

When ISP1 fails, vpn site to site peer works correctly, as per Checkpoint mechanism to modify default route via ISP2 (even if it is not possible to install policies when ISP1 fails).

Anyway, we would love to achieve, pc on vpn, on case of ISP1 fails, to continue to work switching automatically ( as preferred ) to isp2.

Currently, it doesn't work and even configuring manually on a pc, as site the gateway ISP2 address , the remote access vpn doesn't turn on.

Is there any solution?

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The user will have to reconnect when the connection fails over.

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