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How to update an endpoint on an offline client

Hello everyone,


In our organization we have several computer with no access and we used the tool from the folloing location to download an update package and run it manually on the offline (non internet access) computer.

Anti-Malware Offline Updates for Endpoint Security Client E80.40 and above (


Now this tool doesnt seem to work anymore and there is a message on this page that the product is dicontinued.

The message it shows when it runs is the following:

"Failed ownloading update signatures. Not all components are updated."


What other options do we have to provide Endpoint Updates to offline computers?


Thank in advance,



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Just to share with anyone else who might face this problem:

I contacted CP and they have released a new version of the app and will update the page accordingly.


Thanks for updating.
Was going to suggest opening a TAC case if you hadn’t done so.

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